My name is Matt, Razenet Founder and CEO and my family was given the dreadful news in May of 2022 that my 7 year old nephew has cancer. I started this fundraiser on behalf of their family.

I’m happy to report he has completed his chemo treatments! but still has a long road ahead. Any and all donations made will be helping them to pay for their on-going medical bills over the long term. If you’re interested in learning more and how you can help please visit: https://www.givesendgo.com/G393E
or visit them on Facebook: Dominyte The Warrior

Razenet is currently handling all inbound donations and ensuring they reach their destination. Please don’t be concerned if you notice a Credit Card charge from Razenet. If you donated this will be a normal occurrence. Thank You.

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All services are competitively priced, with experience in a variety of fields. Professionally trained and educated, we can help you tune up your computer(s), troubleshoot your network and check for WiFi dead zones, provide limited data recovery, email setups / troubleshooting and configuration, Increase your networks security with protection from common hacking attacks. We can provide these services and many more to you! Reasonable, knowledgeable, and customer-friendly, let us help you with your computer and technology needs.

All on-site computer services are available throughout Red Deer, Alberta. We are the best computer repair service in Red Deer! Personable and professional with over 20 Years in the computer industry. We do it all from basic home computer & laptop repairs to smart home device implementations. Expert knowledge in system and device networking, router configurations, 5G bridging, VPN (Virtual Private Network) configurations, PoE installations for home security cameras.

Nobody knows computers the way we know computers! Make first contact: services@razenet.com including your phone number and we will phone you! no call waiting, answering service or robots! Just good old human contact the way we were meant to communicate!

Razenet get the job done in a timly manner!

J Lar Avatar J Lar

Thanks to Matt for finding me a killer deal on a new laptop, getting my old laptop running with a new system as a back up for my family and... read more

Kim Hoffman Avatar Kim Hoffman

It has been wonderful to work with Matt from Razenet. Matt's helped me with my computer issues, where he was able to look at it right away and troubleshoot... read more

Rob Gaucher Avatar Rob Gaucher

Razenet has been very helpful, bot for our business, and whenever my personal computer needs updating. They were able to solve an issue my PC was having that was caused... read more

Robert Guthrie Avatar Robert Guthrie